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Chairman Package

This is our first class package. Here you have a benefit to all our services. 30 kg of clothes to be wash Per Month. Stashed and Ironed. Free Pickup and Delivery.


Washerman Package

This package gives you a continous washing spray. You dont get your closthes stached or ironed. You can always wash to infinity with this package and your delivery is even more faster than that of Chairman’s Package.


Iron Man Package

Oh, we consider our loved ones with Washing Machine at home and that are too busy to get their clothes ironed. This package gives you a full Ironing option of all your clothes.

Why Choose Teqnia Laundry

Free Pickup and Delivery

We shoulder the hassle of the stress of coming to our door step, so we decide to do a Free pickup and Delivery of your stuffs.

Always on time

We keep to our time and we make sure we deliver to your exact location.

Hard working

At Teqnia laundry, we understand that your clothes is just you, so we work hard to take care of it like a patient to a doctor.

Stain Removal

We make sure we remove your tough stain up to 100%. Especially when a stain is reported.


We make sure your clothes a preserved well and at delivery, the fragrance you perceived is Topmost welcoming.

24/7 availability

We are available 24/7 for inquiries, and our pickup and delivery is during the day.

What my clients say?

I thought Teqnia Laundry was just a local road side laundry until i packed my play wears for them for trial. Lo and behold, they wear returned smelling like new clothes
Olawale A.
Software Developer, Tech Advance
I started giving Teqnia Laundry my children clothes at least to ease the stress of weekend busy washing for their mom. The good thing is that, they pickup on Saturday money and return it Sunday evening. The fragrance of the children clothes humm...........
Tijani Ojo
Works at Bolt
I dont have much to say than to just try Teqnia Laundry out and thank me later. For just 10k! those guys are wonderful.

Adekunle S.
Software Developer

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